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Dr. Olver is a fantastic practitioner. Even after my first visit with her, my posture was better, my pain and discomfort lessened. Within weeks I had regained mobility long lost and was pain free. She listens to your concerns with the utmost attention and provides whole care – including stretches and exercises to prevent reoccurrence! Superb healthcare.
– Matthew

It is with such pleasure I write this note to you to wish the very best success with your new location of business.

It is with sincere gratitude that I would like to thank you for expertise and professionalism while treating my injuries. Thank goodness I had the good fortune of being referred to you by a friend.

During the chiropractic sessions, you were able to graduate me from a state of dragging myself around with crutches to walking without any aids and at a good healthy gait.

After my fall, I was very distraught along with being in such pain and fear of how my life might change due to the injury I sustained. The accident also brought on a host of problems that you guided me through with your kindness and caring ways. Through your natural instinct to nurture along with your education, I was able to heal physically and emotionally.

Dr. Olver, you had a profound effect on my life and I would be honoured if you would consider this message or me as a contact or referral in your new business location. Please feel free to give my contact information to your new clients.

Your new community is so fortunate to have you.
– Susan

Dr. Megan Olver is a chiropractor extraordinaire. What she did for me internally and externally with my back injury is a perfect ten! And more ???? Dr. Megan Olver is a gifted and extraordinary chiropractor to me. Not only was her external work on my five year sustained back injury an honest and down to earth progress, it was more. Her internal work in caring for my emotional well being with her friendly insight, and solution to my recovery turned out to be spot on! Her mind is an insightful brilliance and I was happy to really look forward to my appointments with her. I thought I would have to take a flight or drive a long way from Vancouver to see her at her new place of practice…

Dr. Megan Olver has relieved me from any further chiropractic care after her treatment. Simply the best!
– Dorothy

When I first came to Dr. Olver’s office, I had already been living with severe trigeminal (facial) nerve pain for a year and a half. I had tired everything to find relief with only partial success. My treatment plan with Dr. Olver included both active release technique and chiropractic adjustments, and by the fourth treatment I experienced a significant reduction in pain. Mine was a slow recovery, but Dr. Olver was both knowledgeable and compassionate, and with her help I managed to get back to work and off all my medications. I had given up all hope before I saw her, and I can’t thank her enough for giving me my life back. Dr. Olver is a dedicated professional who genuinely cares for her patients, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone experiencing pain.
– Jessica

Out of all the Chiropractors/Active Release Technique, Drs that I have seen, Dr. Olver, stands out amongst the very best!!! Dr. Olver was able to diagnose my injury and finally fix a nagging injury! Dr. Olver really cares about her patients and it shows! Her sunny disposition makes you want to come and see her, for that reason alone! I would highly recommend Dr. Olver to anyone!!!

I miss you here in Vancouver, Dr. Olver!!! Vanderhoof is fortunate to have such a great Doctor at their disposal.
– Sherry

Each patient’s treatment plan and services required will be tailored to suit their unique needs.

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